I've never been much of a deodorant user, I've never really had the need but after a particularly hot, sticky, summer I soon had the need. Lilian gave me a trial of her deodorant and now I use it every day. It's all natural, fresh, light, smells divine - but not overpowering and best of all I only need to apply it once a day. I wouldn't use anything else. Sacha
After deciding to transition away from traditional deodorants and anti-perspirants, I was very disappointed by the alternative options out there. After trying a myriad of expensive, but ultimately useless 'natural' deodorants, I was over the moon to try Riverslea's deodorant and actually have a positive result! Thank you Lilian. I'm hooked on your products. Angela
Thankyou once again for your kindness and generous hospitality over our sewing weekend. It is such a luxury to spend time in the beautiful setting of Riverslea and enjoy your nourishing meals with friends. Rachel
Thanks again for a fantastic weekend! We feel we’ve come home each year and just love the facility. John
Thankyou Lilian and Chris for your outstanding generosity as hosts of people and as caretakers of the land. Through this care-full and thoughtful guardianship you touch many hearts and definitely make the world and precious earth a better place. Nancy
"It is like coming home, coming to stay/work at your place. I feel so supported in what I am doing, the level of care that you guys provide means I can just focus on teaching. ​I​ always appreciate your cooking too, and the awesome showers, and the investment into those new mattresses.​" Ruth - Yoga Teacher Trainer
Still feeling the heart-warming after-effects of lovely Riverslea. You guys do a wonderful job. Erin - Original Nature
Thanks again for having us at Riverslea – we absolutely loved holding our retreat there and your food was incredible Lilian – everybody was in high praise of your creations. Emily - Alamandria
Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for your amazing hospitality. Really hope to be able to come up soon again as the space feels like home. Dayna - LifeHack
I feel very blessed having connected with you, Lilian. Thank you so very very much for all your gentle, kind, and generous ways of sharing your beautiful place and creative, healthy, and tasty food with us. Such love and depth of flavour to your food. What an angel you are. And Chris too. You both quietly worked away making sure we were held, nurtured, and cared for. For that Line and I are very very grateful. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Helle - Transformational Breath Senior Trainer
Thanks again for your amazing hospitality. As predicted the food rated extremely strongly on the feedback from participants, as did the venue in general. Anita - Australian Progress
Arrived home safely last night, and had many hours in my travels yesterday to reflect on the last week and the many joys and blessings of the week. High on that list was meeting you both (and your two girls) and experiencing your kind hospitality. Everything about your retreat (especially the food) was nurturing to the soul. Our training was made that more special by what you have provided. For that I very grateful, thank you. Looking forward to the next time we meet. Russell - EAP Mentor
Thank you again for providing the venue for what was a fantastic retreat. I’m pretty sure we all wanted another day or two. The new deck is a fabulous addition as well. We will hopefully be back again soon. Bevan - New Zealand Mountain Safety Council
We just wanted to say a huge thank you to you guys for another fabulous weekend at Riverslea. My family loved the venue and everyone had a fantastic time. Wasn't the weather magic? A special thank you for dinner on Saturday. It was sensational as always and everybody was raving about it. Amelia
We had the most incredible weekend at Riverslea. Thank you for all the wonderful food. The renovations and maintenance you guys have done in the past year have made such an incredible impact on the centre and I am so grateful for the use of your beautiful facilities. Amelia - Aroha Family Constellations
It was a great gathering for us and such a good venue. Food absolutely outstanding. Anne - Ultimate Care Group
Again, we had a wonderful retreat at Riverslea, loving your beautiful place and appreciating the changes you have made. Thank you so much. Anne - Daisies Early Education & Care Centre
Thanks very much for your wonderful hospitality. As before, everyone was delighted with the setting and the delicious food. Catherine - Motu Economic and Public Policy Research
We had so much positive feedback about the venue and the vibe they got while staying there. Let me not forget about them mentioning the food! We had a lot of people nervous about the fact that it was vegetarian, but left saying one of their highlights was the fact that vegetarian food can be yum! Thought that was very cute! So our team would just like to send our thanks again for all you did for us leading up to our stay and during. Your relaxed but hospitable nature made things so much easier for us all but also for myself :) Love your work and I will def be recommending you to people! Dayna - Lifehack
Just wanted to say a huge thankyou for our weekend at Riverslea. You have worked hard to provide a lovely environment & what hugely positive renovations you have done. Thanks for the glorious food, it was absolutely delicious & kept us well-nourished for a busy weekend of learning. Monica
Thank you for such a fabulous weekend. It is so supportive for me, knowing that the food is so good and we are so well cared for and I can then just concentrate on teaching. Ruth - Yoga Instructor
Thanks so much for another wonderful stay. You are always so welcoming & the food transformational. I'm so glad you are now so popular & booked up so far ahead. It just shows the importance of providing quality & reliability over time. Victoria
Thank you for a wonderful weekend again - you and Chris provide a very calm and loving space - I appreciate it very much. Juliet - Yoga Instructor
Thank you so much for the MOST GORGEOUS HEALTHY FOOD. We loved everything that you provided and I especially loved working with you so easily. Your food was loved by all and a real highlight for many. Juli - Choir Group
Just wanted to say a HUGE thanks on behalf of myself and “the boys” for a fantastic couple of days at your beautiful retreat. The ability to get out of the city and enjoy the surrounds as well as the amazing food was just what we needed. I’ll definitely be holding onto the details for when I have my own management team offsite in the New Year. Kylee - IAG
A huge thank you for all your efforts to make our Family Constellations Retreat such a huge success and a memorable occasion. Amelia - Aroha Family Constellations
Thanks so much for having us, this retreat went so well and so smoothly! As ever your lovingly cooked food was a delight and so is your company. Ruth
Thank you so much for all the effort you went to creating special diets for myself and others at the Enspiral Retreat. I was very nervous about flying up from Christchurch for the retreat because I still struggle with food preparation while away from home. You made it super easy for me which meant I was able to actually relax and enjoy myself. I really, really appreciate it. Phill - Enspiral
Thank you once again for being such a great hosts! Although Shona and I were running the retreat, all the time we had the feeling that we are on the receiving end and your continued support in everything was a big part of it. Vlado - Qigong & Ren Xue
Thank you both so much for your hospitality which made for both an extremely productive and playful time! Everyone has come back raving about Riverslea – especially about your cooking! Karen - Massey University
Thanks again for being such great hosts for our Hui. Everyone had great things to say about the venue and food. Liana - Sustainability Trust
You have been the most amazing hosts for the 1st ever World Music Summer School. Your calm and kind management was what we just needed and each meal was a joy to behold. Julian - Musical Director
Thank you so much for having us again, we really enjoyed our stay and will be looking forward to coming back next year. Courtenay - Silverstripe
Everyone had a great stay. We always love coming to Riverslea, it is so peaceful and such a great venue. Maree - Weltec
Thank you so much for having us, providing such a beautiful, tranquil & nourishing place to hold retreat. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed their stay - especially the fantastic food. And that is because you two have put so much love and energy into the centre & this weekend. Om Shanti shanti shanti. Anja
Have just finished the Buddhist retreat at Riverslea and wanted to say how much I enjoyed being there. Peaceful and beautiful with marvellous food. Anne
Thankyou so much for your warm hospitality, we had a wonderful weekend. The food was delicious. Thanks for everything, which meant I could focus on the teaching, and the others could focus on the practice. Everything was just right. Tessa
Thanks for hosting our up and coming leaders at Riverslea. The event went well and we again enjoyed your calm and caring hospitality. David - CanTeen
Thank you so much for a very successful weekend, the food accommodation and both of your energy and input was / truly delightful. Charlotte - MS
A big thankyou for your warm hospitality. You are to be congratulated on your magnificant organisation and catering on such an unforgettable celebration. The spirit of true happiness was uplifting and I came away still floating (and it wasn't the vino!). Pat
Your venue is just amazing, the setting is very beautiful. It is very restful and relaxing. Natasha - NZTA
Thank you so much for being part of our celebration, you just made everything run so smoothly, the food was amazing and we just had the best time ever. Riverslea was completely perfect for us! Nat and Drew
Thank you Lilian and Chris for hosting us at Riverslea. The atmosphere and qifield (energy field) you have created is just perfect for such inwardly seeking retreats. Vlado, I and our students were delighted with the venue, so warm and cosy for a midwinter retreat. The food was exceptional; always delicious, on time and infused with love and harmony. Your hospitality and easy manner was much appreciate and made the organisation stress-free and enjoyable. Our request to broadcast the retreat worldwide was a great success, we were all delighted with the outcome. Your support and wiliness to go without the internet for most of th the weekend is evidence of your generosity and inclusiveness. We would love to come back again!” Shona and Vlado - Qigong & Ren Xue
I am feeling a huge amount of gratitude to you both for choosing to be the caretakers of such a beautiful sanctuary....and I am missing everything!!! Donna
Thank you very much for hosting our annual hui. Once again, it was a wonderful occasion that will be remembered by us all. Rae - Kapiti Women's Centre
Thanks for being such great hosts for the weekend. The setting was perfect & the food absolutely superb. Jason - DLA Phillips Fox
Thank you very much for providing a fantastic, magical space for Hugh and Stephen's retreat. It was my first experience of a retreat and an experience I shall never forget. Geoff
The owners of Riverslea Retreat could not have looked after us enough. Sensational value for money in a beautiful setting. Riverslea retreat out did themselves with an amazing curry followed by a vegan dessert to die for. Roisin, MS
We had an incredible time here. Thank you for your commuincation, cooking, smiles and warm whare. Cannot wait until next time. Love and hugs. This place is magic. - Enspiral
My heartfelt thanks and gratitude go to you both for providing such a peaceful and healing space. Riverslea really is a Gift to the wider community and your love and support given to me and the team throughout the entire event was magical. I feel like my words cannot express the huge thanks and appreciation I have for such an amazing weekend. It was so easy and peaceful and may spirit provide you both with everything you need to keep the place in such sacredness. Les
The teachers at Daisies loved your beautiful environment, sustainable practices, and attention to our needs. Thank you. We hope to return, and will be spreading the word about Riverslea. Anne - Daisies Early Education and Care Centre
You made the weekend so easy for us, through your delicious meals that were appreciated by all, and your easy and background manner. The atmosphere was perfect to enable us all to have a good time. People really enjoyed themselves, and it's largely thanks to you, through the calm and open energy you have created at the centre. So, my heart-felt thanks and appreciation for what you're doing. Graham
We really enjoyed the weekend and will recommend Riverslea to other groups. John - Mountain Safety Council
Thanks a lot once again for the weekend, we can never say enough how amazing the food and hospitality is! Hamish - Canteen
Thank you both for really caring for our group last week – it is something I am still thinking about and reflecting on as I am sure many of our group are. You deliver the total package – mind, body and soul! Liz - Interlead Consultants
Didn't get to see you to say goodbye in person so just wanted to say thank you both for a tremendous stay at your awesome abode. May the tuis keep singing and the pungas keep growing. Steve - MS
We had a great time and more importantly people experienced real change and hope through the weekend we offered. Your venue supported this process. Mark D
Thank you so much for being such fabulous hosts at the spectacular MS retreat that Charlotte organised. I truly can't remember feeling so amazingly relaxed as when I got home – you have a very special place at Riverslea. And your catering is superb! Katherine - MS
The food was divine and I felt deeply humbled by the extra effort you went to to accommodate my diet. The food was commented on heaps. People were blown away by the look, taste, smell and the whole flow. It fitted so perfectly with the work we were doing. Libby - Proteus Initiative NZ
We all enjoyed our stay immensely and achieved many of the objectives we set for ourselves because of the beautiful environment that we were privileged to be in and to be part of. Shelly - Te Wānanga o Aotearoa
Thank you very much for having us Lilian and Chris – we had a great time and loved the food – it was as amazing as last time! Thank you for your awesome hospitality and for providing such a tranquil space for our hui. Cassy - Footsteps