About Riverslea

When we first discovered Riverslea we immediately knew it was a special place. Here we could use our combined skills and expertise to offer the sort of service to groups that we had so often looked for ourselves, but seldom found. We were attracted to the homestead-style lodge and the setting was perfect for people passionate about New Zealand's natural environment.

With our corporate backgrounds, we understand the value of finding space to think and work; a place to enjoy with colleagues and friends, away from the office and everyday pressures.

Over the 11 years of hosting events at Riverslea we further developed the facility to truly maximise all that it has to offer. With large expansive verandas, a generous-sized main conference room, large outside deck, and a fully fitted kitchen nearby, our facility can accommodate all your event's requirements.

Over the years, Riverslea has been the host to many events and private functions. These include business training and team building events, private interest groups, weddings, and health retreats. Even families and private groups simply wanting a place to come, share, and relax.


We make a great team. Chris brings his organising skills and attention to detail to running the facilities and liasing with clients whilst my passion for cooking and presenting wonderful food makes meal-times a distincitive part of the Riverslea experience.

We cook with produce from our garden, local, organic and spray free produce. The way we think and feel about food is in tune with the slow food movement. We choose food with real flavour grown by caring people.

We use non-toxic cleaning materials and our concern for the environment is also evident in the grounds where we are implementing a programme of native planting. We are members of the Soil & Health Society, The Bio-dynamic Farming Association and Forest & Bird Society.

Environmental Policy


We believe that we do not have a right to dominate and plunder this planet, and we recognize the natural rights of our eco-systems and the animals that live in it.

Our long-term goal is to make Riverslea a fully self sufficient and sustainable operation by partnering with the surrounding natural environment and caring for our ecosystems.

Our future and the future of our children are dependent on how we treat the earth. Let’s protect the environment and if we can’t leave it in a better condition at least let us not make it worse. 


Chris and I look forward to welcoming you at Riverslea.